Saturday, November 19, 2005

Santa Claus Parade

Today was the local Santa Claus Parade. The weather was cold, but sunny,and no snow(at least not by the time it started) so I think it was enjoyed by most everyone.
The past few days we've actually had snow lying on the ground and bitter cold temperatures, and such damp cold winds that just go right thro' you to the bones. Thankfully the sun warmed things up and took away the little bit of snow that remained on the ground.
Our church had their own float again this year. While I wasn't able to be involved in the decorating & preparation of it this time, I was able to join in on the final preparations, and early start, and be on the float with the kids. I'd rather have been out walking along the streets giving out the brochures & candy canes, but I do enjoy being up there on the float as well, and I just can't walk that distance anymore. The parade theme was "Christmas in Canada" and our church group decided to do our float with a theme of what Christmas might be like in Northern Inuivut Christmas. They had part of an igloo at the one end with Mary & Joseph & the baby Jesus in a manager. They made a little box in the middle with some red crepe paper and a fan underneath that was supposed to look like flames coming up and a fire. There were two of the youth on some drums, and on the front was a sleigh and they put two of the youngest children in there, and had my daughter in a fur coat looking like she was out getting her dog sled ready. We just didn't have the dogs. The younger children along with a few of us adults sat on the float, while some others ran back and forth from the float handing out little flyers, and candy canes, and one guy was dressed as a trapper, while someone else dressed as a seal.
We sang while the drums played, and waved and yelled Merry Christmas all thro' the parade, and a fun time was had by all. If you haven't been involved in the preparation of getting a float ready, it's a lot of work & preparation ahead of time(much done by our youth & leaders along with the pastor), along with many hours in the cold outdoors getting the final things done to the float, making your way to the starting point, then waiting in line as all the floats arrive, and making any last additions to the float and getting people ready.
The flyers not only took some to make up & cut and roll, but then they had to be tied with ribbons and a candy cane attached to each one. That is a very time consuming job as well, which some of the ladies worked on. I believe from the time many people went outside, until they got home and helped break down the float and got home to some warmth, 5 hours had passed by. was good to get home to a nice hot coffee, and to enjoy some fellowhip with some good friends. For me that was probably one of the best parts of the day, getting out amongst friends, and being able to just forget about everything else and have some fun for a little while.
Tomorrow is the big Toronto Santa Claus Parade and I'm looking forward to watching it from the comfort and warmth of my home on the television!

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mo said...

What a great day. We all enjoyed visiting with you.