Thursday, November 24, 2005

The first real snow...

Today is Thanksgiving in the United States. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone there. I was feeling pretty tired after being out last night, so this morning I sat & watched part of the Macy Thanksgiving Parade from the states. It's always a good one, although for a few people it turned out not to be when one of the large air balloons hit a lamp, then collapsed onto several people in the crowd causing injury to them. Rather a scarry situation to have to experience.
While today is not actually the first snowfall that we've actually had this winter season, it's definitely the first real big snowfall, that holds promises to stay for more than a day. There were winter storm warnings out for today, along with snow sqalls causing white outs in some areas. So far, the snow has totally covered everything. The driveway, & lawn & car are totally covered over in snow, and it's still drifting and blowing around. The temp. outside is dropping and it's a bitter cold temp. of 1oF, and still dropping.
This morning when I went out things were covered but no great accumulation. There was just black ice underneath the snow, so I had to be careful driving.
A rareity of happening in one area north of here was snow falling, while it was thunder & lightning. Now that doesn't happen very often! As I look out my window all I can see is blowing snow swirling all around, covering the cars, the trees and housetops. There is no sight of green grass around anymore, and out here, I can't even tell where the road starts and ends. I'm just glad I don't have to go out into this weather. While beautiful to look at, it is not so great to be out in or to have to drive in. Looks like winter is definitely on it's way. There's certainly enough snow out there!

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