Thursday, November 24, 2005

Christmas Tea in November

Last night the ladies from our church got together and had a Ladies Social Event...what we called "Christmas Tea in November". There was a lot of time and hours that went into planning and preparing for this event. It took a lot of organization, things had to be planned, phone calls & emails sent out, meetings, and many hours spent making booklets, bookmarks, cookies, squares etc. Along with the planning committee, we also had someone invited to speak, someone to sing, and someone to do a craft demonstration. Along with that, we had some wonderful ladies who volunteered to come and hostess a table which meant bringing their own tablecloths, tea & coffee urns, fancy cups & saucers, etc. and the tables looked absolutely beautiful when they were done setting up. Behind the scenes, we had the one special lady who agreed to oversee everything, and a few others who committed a lot of time getting things organized. Tickets had to be sold, and then came the night of the tea, and all the work of setting up, making things, organizing, etc. and getting ready for the arrival of the first guests. Two of our wonderful young ladies came to help out for the evening and did an amazing job keeping the trays of cookies stacked up and filling up tea pots, checking to see if anyone had any needs and helping with dishes. We also had the help of a few men, one who came & helped out in the kitchen, and a few others who spent their evening helping with the sound equipement. All in all, it turned out to be a lovely evening of entertainment, & fun and getting to know others. Each of the hostesses had their own plans for their tables and it was fun to see how they all spent time decorating, and setting their tables up.
I know I met several new people, and had the opportunity to talk to another lady who also suffers with fibromyalgia.
Many of the people who were visiting thought it was something we had done before. Everyone I've talked to really enjoyed their evening out and was asking when we might have another evening out. Since this was our first major event, I think they all did an amazing job and I'd like to thank everyone who participated and helped in making this evening such a great success and special evening for all.
Hopefully, somewhere down the line, we will be able to plan on something special for
another time of the year if everyone is willing to help out and participate in one again.
I wonder if anyone has any idea's or suggestions for another event...?? If you do, just jot some ideas down to be published on my blog.

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