Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Where is God

Look all around you
At skies so blue
The clouds so soft & flowing.
The trees reaching out so tall.
Each spring those trees sprout buds,
And from those buds come flowers & leaves
So fresh & new & vibrant.
Flowers push their way thro' the ground,
And bloom in brilliant colours,
With many scents that flow gently thro' the air.
Birds spread wings and soar thro' the heavens,
Or perch upon the branches singing,
With a wonderful melody that fills the air.
Many animals, insects & bugs come to life,
Such beautiful, delicate creations
That never cease to amaze.
Rain, snow, sleet & hail fall from the skies,
Each drop so similar, and yet different.
After the rain, we are sometimes amazed
By the aura of colours as a rainbow appears.
Lakes, rivers, oceans & seas,
A collection of droplets which have flowed together,
And formed a bond from one to another.
Each one unique in it's very own way.
So many wonders & sights to see,
Such beautiful colours, & glorious views,
In each creation, each flower, each tree,
Each sunrise & each sunset.
The stars, the sun & the moon,
All visible signs of creation,
With the most intricate one being that
of the creation of mankind.
Truly an amazing & wonderful design.
Can you truly look around you
And not see God's Glory,
His splendour, His beauty, His love.
Take time to find the silence,
and to truly listen all around you.
Take time to see His beauty,
It's all around you
In everything you see.
How can you even question or doubt?
God's love is so amazing,
A great wonder, for all to experience.
So look all around you,
And delight in His glory's,
And know God is there all around you!

written by D.M.

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