Monday, April 16, 2007

Do you appreciate God's many blessings and all that you have?

Today is Monday, April 16th, 2007

Officially according to the calendar, we are already into the spring of our season. Does the weather indicate that it's spring? Well I suppose you could say that most of the snow has disappeared, but this morning it was trying to snow. Yes, it's the middle of April and it's trying to snow. It's bitter cold out there, with a really strong wind. I need to go out and do a little grocery shopping, but I really don't feel like going out in the cold today. Hopefully it will start to warm up this week and we will get some nice spring like temperatures. It would be nice to get out there and not have to wear a big heavy coat. Even the dogs are thinking the same thing. When the sun comes out they ask to go out, but once they get out there, they realize just how cold it actually is.

Even with the grey overcast skies, there is still some light up there and at times it looks like the sun might come out. The birds are still flying around, and looking for food. The red breasted robins are getting a full looking belly as they build their nests and prepare to lay eggs and wait for their young to arrive. At times I hear the shrill pitch of the blue jay up in one of the trees, and it trys to scare off some other bird, or a squirrel that is trying to take over someone's nest. The squirrels are out running all over the place gathering up food, and checking around for their mates. As the trees sway gentle in the wind, they continue to draw moisture from the ground and from the air, as they slowly form little buds underneath their bark. Many gardens are already full of brightly colored flowers such as crocus, and daffodils, and other spring beauties.
No matter how miserable the weather seems to be, there is always something of great beauty out there, and one of God's many wonderful creations.

In the meantime, I am able to sit here in the warmth of my own home, and to enjoy looking outside at the beauty of God's many creations around me. I know I am blessed to be able to make the choice of staying inside or going out into this weather.

There are a lot of homeless people out there...whether by choice or not, but they are stuck out in this weather, and all types of weather conditions. I wonder just how many of them are able to appreciate God's blessings, and the many beautiful things around them? Then again, I wonder how many people who are blessed are able to recognize those things and to appreciate what they have? What do you think?


Darryl said...

still here and glad that i can read your comments as well.

dawn2454 said...

Thanks for dropping by Darryl. Seems Facebook has taken over people coming here to blog....well at least some. Must say I have also been spending my time over there in touch with people.