Sunday, April 08, 2007

He Is Risen

Twas many, many years ago

When Jesus Christ was born,

So very many years ago,

Upon that special morn.

A child who came to teach us

About our Father in Heaven

He came to help His people

To share with us good news.

He was the chosen one of God

To come and help us all

Reaching out to all around Him

As He helped both sick and poor.

He knew what God expected

And He did all that He could

To serve His loving Father

He obeyed and followed Him.

And when the people came for Him

Saying that He'd broke the law,

Accusing Him of falsehoods,

And for that He'd have to die.

They cursed and called him names,

Put a crown of thorns upon His head,

Then made Him carry a huge cross,

And beat Him all the way.

They nailed him to the wooden cross

Put holes within His hands,

Then hammered more into His feet,

And made the cross to stand.

Before the angry throngs of men,

They hung him from that cross,

And there on each side of Him,

They also hung two thieves.

They left Him there to die

A gruesome, painful death,

And when His time was over

God reached out in love to Him.

His mother and disciples

Took His body off that cross,

They wrapped Him up in linens,

Then laid Him within a tomb.

They then observed the Sabbath

And all rested as they should

Then took both spice and fragrant oils

To the place where Jesus laid.

The stone was rolled out from the tomb,

No body did they find,

But two men stood in shining robes

Telling them He was not dead.

They told them He was risen,

No longer in the tomb,

The Son of Man was rescued

Crucified, but now alive.

Jesus appeared unto His disciples

Saying "Peace be unto you"

He gave them understanding

Of the Scriptures we should learn.

He told them it was written

For the Christ to suffer death

And that on the third day after

He would rise up from the dead.

And as He stood there blessing them,

The heaven's opened up,

And God reached down and took Him

To live with Him above.

So on this Easter weekend

Think upon these many things,

Remember that our Father,

Loved each and everyone of us.

Christ died upon the cross that day

For the sins of all mankind,

So all we really need to do

Is repent of all our sins.

If we will do this thing He asks,

Believing all He did,

Then we will have eternal life

And go to be with Him.

Remember Christ this weekend

In everything you do,

And know that He is right there,

Watching over you.

God Bless and keep you throughout this Easter weekend. Remember that He Is Risen, and looking out for you. Remember that He loves you, and for eternity will be with YOU.

Dawn M.

April 5th, 2007

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