Sunday, April 08, 2007


Hello Everyone! Hope you all had a great Easter weekend. I'm wondering just how many of you even use your blogs anymore, or post to them. For so long no one seemed to be posting anything, or reading, so I just seemed to stop coming here. I've decided I want to start coming back and posting once in awhile. I actually belong to another site called where I go to write, read others writing, and just basically share my stories, poems and life with others who do the same thing. I've really enjoyed spending time there writing. I don't proclaim to be that great at it, but it's something I enjoy, so I've decided that is what's most important, thus the reason I I've decided to share the odd thing that I've written on here.

How is everyone, or perhaps should I say is anyone even out there reading the blogs and writing on them anymore?? I sure hope so. I feel like I've been losing contact with people, and either sick all of the time or dealing with the constant pain that I have. You see this winter the pain got so bad in my one leg that it was all I could do to even stand up or walk. My knee gave out one day and the pain that shot down my leg and all through it almost made me pass out. Nothing seemed to touch the pain. I couldn't move my leg or do anything for quite some time. For quite some time after that I was having to use crutches to try and get about. I went to the ER but they said there wasn't anything they could do for me. They took some X-rays but determined that there was no cartiladge left between the knee and as it shifted it was bone on bone causing pain. I need a knee replacement...or actually two of them, but I need the left one done first when and if they get me an appointment with the dr/surgeon. Still waiting to here something, although it's been over a month since the dr. said she would arrange an appointment for me. No wonder those who can afford it are going to the states to get things done down there.

Easter weekend is drawing to a close. It was a cold snowy weekend here. Rather uneventful, and not one of the nicest. We really did not do much to celebrate it and I didn't waste my time buying a turkey or trying to go to all the fuss and bother of cooking one. I have been sick on and off for the past month, and I was not up to doing anything. I also cannot spend a lot of time standing because of the pain in my leg. I had two little chicken's in my freezer so I took them out and cooked them along with a little lamb roast that I had. I was going to have my father over, but he wasn't feeling good, my husband spend the whole day just laying around sleeping and my youngest daughter wasnt' feeling good either. My oldest daughter was babysitting, so I just didn't worry about a whole lot of fussing. Saturday I had to take my father to dialysis, then run some errands and babysit my grandchildren so we ended up having spaghetti dinner with my son & his family. Today was Sunday, so we went to church and came home to just relax. My knee and leg are really hurting probably from the cold and standing so much today. My youngest, is babysitting, and the other one is off at a friends for the afternoon and night. My husbands been playing around with his 'hobby', and watching westerns on tv, so I spend the time trying to get my computer fixed and working....yea I seem to have succeeded.

So what did YOU do for Easter weekend??? I'd love to hear from someone, and hope you're all keeping well.

God Bless!!


mo said...

Hi Donna,
Easter for us became really busy. We went to the Baptist church for the Good Friday service (wow!), such a joy to be with other christians on such a special day. I wish everyone knew what our Saviour has done for us.
On Saturday we had an impromptu birthday/Easter celebration for my mother-in-law and of course on Sunday, we went to church and then to my sister's for Easter dinner (delicious). On Monday my niece Landon came over. I really love that she's so comfortable around us that she'll visit without her mom, apparantly that's unusual for her. I feel so special.
Ever so busy but ever so blessed to have so much family around me.

Blessings to you Donna, I pray that you will find healing for all of your ailments.

dawn2454 said...

Hi Mo: Glad you & your family were able to get out to the Good Friday services. I know they are usually really nice, but I just can't handle the large crowd, or all the standing.
Nice that you were able to spend time with your family over the holiday, and know that your neice will drop in to see you.
Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. It would certainly be nice to receive healing, but perhaps God has other plans for me. Will just have to wait and see...
Blessings to you and yours. Dawn