Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My Father's Love

My Father's Love

Lord I really need you so
I need you in my life
I ask dear heavenly one,
That you will ease my strife.

Come into my heart today
Bless my family and my friends,
And let them know your sweetest love
Through all that you can send.

Please dear Lord, I ask of thee
Please bless my life as well.
Show me of your love this day
And keep me out of hell.

Give my family peace and joy
And teach me to survive,
Grant me faith and hope today
Show me all, while I'm alive!

Show me how to walk in love
And also with great pride
Let me be your heavenly child
So you can be my guide.

Father how I worship you
And seek to know your will
You died upon that lowly cross
And yet you love me still.

You gave your life for everyone
For all mankind you died
And then you rose again that day
To always be my guide.

Because of all that you went thro'
I now have been set free,
So I can place my trust in you,
For all eternity.
copyrights "Dawn"

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