Tuesday, November 20, 2007

What Lurks in the Shadows

Deep in the shadows, along the line of trees,
I catch a glimpse of shining eyes, that seem to follow me.
I pause to take a closer look, but nothing can I see
It's just that eerie feeling, that runs deep down in me.

I feel my body tremble, from the ever growing cold
As I go further down the path, not sure of what I'll see.
Afraid to stop I look around, and see those piercing eyes.
I know there's something lurking, in the shadow of the trees.

Then suddenly it comes to me, with fear and clarity
The danger that is out there, in the shadow of the trees.
I try to walk on faster, and hope I show no fear
As each step takes me closer, to the safety of my car.

I see a sudden movement, out of the corner of my eye
But I force myself to move on, with an ever growing speed.
Then suddenly I look up, as I go around the bend
And there not far ahead of me, I finally see my car.

Again I glance around me, as I quicken up my pace
And that is when I realize, I now can see the face.
No longer is it hiding, in the shadow of the trees
It is the biggest wolf I've seen, since I first came to be.

I rifle in my pocket, till my keys are in my hand
Then with not much time to spare, I take off on the run.
I dare not look around me, as every moment counts
I reach the car and jump inside, and finally slam the door.

Those piercing eyes are out there, beside my driver's door,
I tremble as I see them, not two, but I count four.
The time just seems to slip by, I sit and shake in fear
Then finally start the motor, as I stare outside the car.

No longer will I come here,
Especially when its dark
I do not wish to risk my life,
As the prey to this great wolf.

copyrights by "Dawn"

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