Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Plans change as we take things one day at a time

Sometimes the best of plans are changed overnight, and we never quite know what to expect in life.
Recently my eldest daughter came down really sick and complaining of stomach pains. She was unable to keep anything down in her stomach, and the pain was getting worse, so I ended up taking her to emergency at the hospital around midnight one day. Since my husband was away, I had to get my youngest one up out of bed, and we headed off to the ER. Once checked in, she ended up having to have a variety of tests done, was given different medications for the pain, and also for infection. Since nothing would stay down, they finally ended up giving her some needles, and also putting her on an IV in order to try and settle things down. This seemed to do the trick and she was able to finally doze off and get a little rest while we sat there with her. At 6am they decided to send her home as they couldn't really seem to find anything wrong. My youngest came back and grabbed a little sleep, then went off to school, while I layed down for a few hours. By the afternoon, Jen was back up with a fever & still in pain, so I went to get a prescription filled to try it. The following day brought more pain, that just wasn't going away, so off we headed for the ER again. This time we had to wait 6 hours in order to be seen by someone, and all the while Jen's pain was getting worse, and she's had nothing to help it. When they finally took her in, and checked her out, they had to order more tests, and call in another doctor. At that point in time, they finally decided her appendix was the problem and wanted her admitted, with surgery scheduled for the following day. This time at least, her sister was at least with friends and getting some sleep. I decided to stay with Jen, and went with her to her room. She was on IV and given pain medication, and an antibiotic as well, so we both decided to try and get some rest.Unfortunately her pain was not improving at all and she was in a lot of pain, and really couldn't rest. Around 3am, she was up in tears complaining that the pain was worse than ever, and unable to get comfortable. We called the nurse, who in turn contacted the doctor, and she was given more pain medication. Then they checked her temp. and discovered it had gone way up to 39.6 oC, which I understand is pretty high. The nurse didn't waste anytime calling up to the surgeon, and I knew something was up, and her appendix had likely burst...and I was right. The surgeon was just finishing up with another major surgery, and didn't end up wasting time having her sent up to surgery to have her appendix removed. Between surgery and recovery, she was gone for 2 hours. I was left to wait by myself in the front lobby till the doctor came out to tell me that the surgery was over and had gone well. I was told to go back down to her room to wait for her so that's what I did. She was back in her room before 5:30am, and was awake, and complaining about the tube that ran down her nose to her stomach. I'm sure it had to be pretty uncomfortable. With surgery over, I stretched out on the chair that folded out into a bed, and tried to sleep with little success. Jen tried to rest, but with the nurses coming in and out, and the noise in the hall, we were both lucky to doze off for a few moments. Jen is pretty sore, and in pain, and running a fever but she's doing ok,and had a few visitors over the afternoon. Someone whose name I won't mention, came in and took her picture with the tube still in her nose, so she wasn't very impressed. Hmmm, I'm not sure why! Ok guess I wouldn't like that either, but it does seem interesting when it's someone else. Hope I get to see that picture. Her father happened to show up in the evening, when he got home early and found a note so he came over to the hospital.
With the evening came the reality that I wasn't going to be able to go away for the weekend with the rest of the ladies as planned, but as much as I'm sad to have missed my weekend away, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else when my children are ill. They are my life and I hope they know how much I love them. I'm just glad that I was still at home and not away when she took sick and had her appendix burst.
We are certainly blessed to have some amazing friends and very caring people in our lives. Many came to visit, or called to see how Jen was & brought in or sent little gifts, and spent time praying for her.
The doctor decided to release her earlier than we had expected, so she was home on her 4rth day there, and a few friends still came to visit her at home when they found her checked out of the hospital.
She's doing better, however still in pain, and very tired & weak, but at least she's eating something, and moving around a little better. Later on in the week she will have to go to get her stitches removed, then we will see what the doctor says about her returning to school. I understand that she won't be allowed to do anything strenuous for at least 4-6 weeks now, so that means she won't be allowed to take gym at school, or do any sports for now. I'm sure there will be a few things she will be disappointed to miss out on, but for now she needs to take care of herself and get better.
Hopefully she is on the mend and will never have to experience that kind of pain again!

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