Tuesday, October 25, 2005

This past weekend my family went to help some friends with their roof. I'm afraid I wasn't very much help as I'm not able to do a whole lot. It was really cold and damp, and that only helps add to my pain and stiffness. Unfortunately there was a lot to do and those who were out working were trying to do all they could despite the cold damp weather, and the rain the following day. Time is becoming an issue, as the weather continues to get colder.
Saturday I came back home and got some food, and picked up a friend then went back to attend a ladies potluck dinner which we were supposed to be going to. Part way thro' the evening, someone informed us that it was snowing outside. YUCK...it's just too early for it to be snowing. It's still October. It can't be. Despite the ground being snow covered, and the snow falling down rapidly all around them, a number of the ladies put on their swim suits, and braved the elements and ran outside in their bare feet in order to enjoy the pleasure of the hot tub. I didn't take my suit, so I sat and spent a little time with my knitting, and waiting till someone decided to come back in. When my friend came back in, we decided to get ready and head home before things got too bad. Well there was much more snow than I had expected, and it was still coming down quite hard. I wasn't sure if I should go down the highway, or one of the back roads, but since the visibility was getting worse I didn't waste any timd, and decided to head down the back road. Between the driving snow, and the darkness of the night, it was really difficult to see much of anything in front of me. There wasn't much of a choice but to keep on going so that's what I did. I drove slowly, and just kept my eyes on the middle line. When someone wanted to drive past, I slowed down and let them pass me. It was a little scarry at times esp. since you could hardly see anything at times. It took us a lot longer than normal, but we needed to both get home, so I just kept my hands on the steering wheel, and kept driving. I can't believe we had all that snow so early in the year, but it happened. Thankfully most of it was gone by the following day, but it was a reminder of the snow that is to come....one that I did not need and one that I can certainly wait for. Perhaps it won't come for awhile!

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