Wednesday, October 26, 2005

My daughters birthday

Yesterday was my daughter's birthday. I let her choose where she wanted to go for dinner, and we ended up at A&W. The food was ok, but it sure has changed a lot from the days I remember it from. Anyway, that was her choice, so that's where we went. I can't believe she is already 11 years old. Only one more year and she'll be officially old enough to babysit. Wow, that's so hard to believe. She's my last born, and 'my' baby, and she's getting so grown up, just like her big sister.
When we were done eating supper, we decided to go up and walk thro' WalMart to get a few things. The girls decided they really wanted to go over to our Pastor's house to see his family, and most of all their newborn baby daughter Esther who was born only 6 days ago now. I didn't want to just land in on them, so I got Jen to call and make sure it was ok, then went looking for a little gift for their other two adorable children. I figured since we were taking a gift for the baby, it was important for the kids to know we hadn't forgotten about them. Isn't it amazing how a little baby doll, and a toy jeep can hold their interest for awhile?
My girls were so thrilled to be able to hold this little newborn girl. I just can't imagine where they got that fascination for Hmmm, I've always loved and enjoyed holding a newborn baby and marvelling at the miracle of such a wonderful and amazing creation. They are so innocent and perfect and tiny at that time, and I can never seem to get enough of holding a newborn in my arms and cuddling them close as I watch their little chests go up and down and marvel at their tiny little fingers & toes. God certainly gave us a beautiful and amazing gift with the creation of our children.
I remember back to 11 years ago when Becca was born, and I was so thrilled at the precious gift & miracle of life that I was blessed with. Now there were times when I doubted that I would be here to share her life with her, after I hemhoraged badly even after the C-section, and I also had a bad reaction to the epidural. While I hemhoraged, they handed my newborn daughter to her father, tied my tubes, and closed me up and gave me the medication I needed to stop me from hemhoraging. That first day I was unable to even get out of bed, or change her diaper, but despite how I felt, I insisted I be allowed to nurse her. When they tried to get me up the following day, I found I couldn't even sit up or hold my head up without terrible pain. As I continued to get weaker, they ended up trying several proceedures as they felt I had fluid leaking from the spine. When I continued to get worse, and slip in and out of consciousness, they finally realized I was not in very good shape. My husband called our family doctor in an effort to get something done, as I was not doing too good. I truly felt I was sinking away, and not going to make it. Turns out I was indeed going downhill. When my family dr. came in and saw what was happening, he arranged to give me blood transfusions, and my Christian friends held me in their prayers. By the grace of God I did survive, and was able to finally come home with my newborn and be with my other daughter who had been passed around amongst my family and friends who took good care of her. What a welcome relief that was, and certainly an answer to prayer. I am truly thankful for both of my daughters, and so glad that I have been given this time to be with them.


mo said...

I thank God that you are still here to be a mom to your kids and a friend to the rest of us.

clumsy_jen said...

hey buts shes not going to get any babysitting jobs while i still dont have another job...right?
aww Ester is soooooo adorible can i ahve one too????im just kidding that wont be happening for a long while!!!!!haha i serisely got just passed around from house to hosue while my mom was in the hospital having day it was my brothers and then the next day it was my uncles!!!! it was just becasue becca was so hard to bring into this world...the see section and all but i was a purfect 7 pound baby who just came right out!!!!!!lol
that a&w sure was good even tho i just ordered a baby burger (: !!! :)

dawn2454 said...

"...a purfect 7 pound baby who just came right out..." in your dreams girl, in your dreams.
Hope you know how much you and your sister mean to me, and how much you were wanted and prayed for. mom xo xo

dawn2454 said...

Actually your brother & his wife looked after you here in our home for awhile, then you spent some days with your aunt & uncle and got to go trick or treating with your six cousin's. Your 'aunt' Edie also looked after you and brought you in to meet your sister and spend time with your mommy who was missing you, and you also spent a few days with our neighbours who used to babysit you. It was only because your mommy was so sick and your daddy had stayed at the hospital most of the time that you went so many different places during those 12 days I was in the hospital. You were well cared for and actually came in all excited about everyone you were visiting. Ya, I had a harder time in having Becca, but you were 'both' precious gifts and miracles in my life and I don't regret any of what I went thro' in having either of you. xo xo