Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Migraines & Roofing

This past weekend we planned on working on our roof and replacing all of the shingles. The large garbage bin was delivered on Thurday. Unfortunately I wasn't able to be here or help out with much of anything. The girls were both home sick, and I finally resorted to going over to the emergency at the hospital after spending two weeks with a migraine headache. I had been assured that they now had some new medications out that were used to break a migraine. I did a lot of debating about going as I really hate having an IV, but the pain was getting so bad, and just turning my stomach so much that I just couldn't stand it any longer. I was gone all afternoon and part of the evening. I spent over 3 hours waiting for them to actually come & do anything and to see a doctor. While I waited they had provided me with a room in the ER, and a stretcher to lay on, and turned the lights off so I could have some quiet, and darkness as the lights were really bothering me. Unfortunately I wasn't there long before the police ended up bringing in someone to the room beside me, and the noise & swearing & talking was non-stop from then on. There were 5 police officers in the beginning, but by the evening only 3 seemed to remain. There seemed to be a few scuffles, and I heard a lot of stories, and pleading. When the dr. finally came in to see me I was just getting ready to leave as I couldn't lay there anylonger. They did put an IV in, and as usual, ended up with it in my elbow which makes it rather uncomfortable as you can't bend your arm. They tried one dose of medication, and left me for an hour, then finally came back and came me another dose. I'm not really sure if they would have given me anymore, but the migraine seemed to be easing up and I'd had about all I could stand of the noise next to me, and just trying to lay there with the sheets falling off, and such an uncomfortable bed. I'm not quite sure what they gave me, but thankfully it helped. I was actually pain free for 3 days straight which was certainly a blessing for me, and none too soon.
Jen has been amazing helping me to clean around the house before any people come over. Rebecca has also been pitching in, and my wonderful friend Mona came & gave up her time & spent the day cleaning my kitchen and baking banana bread for us. She is such a blessing to me as are my two wonderful daughters, and I am so thankful that they are willing to help out as I really don't know how to keep up with everything.
On Friday, I had to run out to take my father shopping and pick up some groceries for us as well. I wasn't sure how many people were going to be around over the weekend, but I tried to stock up on things. When school ended on Friday, people began to show up. Jen & Becca were already here, and a number of other's began to arrive, and rushed up to the roof and began working right away. In two short hours they had scraped all of the shingles off each level. I knew they were up there working so hard, and I spent some time preparing food for dinner. They worked till it was too dark to do anymore.
Sat. morning arrived, and while cool, it was bright & sunny. I rushed out to take my dad to dialysis, while Earl & the girls got ready for people to arrive and grabbed something to eat. It wasn't long before there was people all over and up on the roof working, fixing up things, replacing plywood, and beginning to shingle. Along with the food I had prepared, a few of the ladies had either sent or prepared some extra food for me to put out, so we were blessed and had no shortage of things to eat. They worked steady all day, and they worked hard. Some came & left early, while others arrived later, and stayed later. We needed them all. As evening arrived, we realized that it wasn't all going to get finished, but the most of it was covered, and things were covered up with something. I noticed there were a lot of stiff, hurting bodies around that evening, including myself. I may not have been up on the roof, but I was constantly on my feet, preparing food, serving things, and making more things. It was sure good to sit down that evening, but I seemed to have overdone it and the pain was not about to let up very quickly. I didn't sleep very well because of the pain, and I understand there were a few others who felt the same.
I can't begin to thank all of those people for their hard work up on the roof and for all they did to help us out. We could not have done any of it without them and we are so wonderfully blessed to have such special and caring people in our lives.
Thank you Lord for all you have blessed us with .
During the night we had a thunderstorm and it rained. Well I suppose if it's gonna leak, now's a good time to know if it's gonna leak or not. It was raining in the morning again, so we all got ready and went off to church. I noticed a number of people struggling with pain & stiffness in their joints & muscles from doing more than they had counted on and weren't used to doing. Praise God, the sunshine came out while we were in church, and we decided to ask for help if anyone was able to join us.
We rushed home to change and I got some food ready for who ever might arrive to help. By the time Earl & the girls went out, one man arrived, and a little while later, a couple arrived, and then a few more people. Despite still hurting, they gave up their Sunday afternoon and rest time to come & help us out. God is indeed good, and so are these children of His! I can't begin to explain how thankful I am for all of their help. Even when it started to sprinkle a little, they kept working. When darkness ascended upon us, some of them still kept on to make sure most of the job got done. That evening brought more rain, and the following day brought dark clouds, and showers. Bill & his workmate stopped by after work and finished off some different jobs, and Earl has spent his mornings, trying to organize things, and return leftover shingles & wood etc.I'm sure glad to have that job behind us. Now all we have to do is pay for it all. I can't believe how much the cost of things have gone up. Last count left the cost at $2300. and there are still some more things to add it...yikes. It's done, and they did a great job, and it was something that did indeed have to happen.
There were a few mishaps, a show thrown into the garbage bin, a few falls into vent holes, some scrapes & scratches, and lots of mess to clean up. A job well done, and hopefully will last for at least 20 more years! Roofing brought together a lot of caring people and I hope we can help them out sometime in the near future.


Anonymous said...

So nice to get that kind of response huh? Mike mentioned something on Hayley's blog about how to get rid of these annoying sales people.
You had an incredibly tough weekend. I hope you have time to rest and recuperate.

dawn2454 said...

It's still my blog and I can choose to delete those darn things if they choose to put them in. lol
It was a busy weekend, but really good to have the help and to see what all was accomplished.