Saturday, September 17, 2005

Summer Vacation

I can't believe how much time has actually passed since I last posted on here or even looked at it. My summer was busy. There always seemed to be something happening or we'd be going somewhere. Jen did a lot of babysitting, and I had to go and pick her up at different places. We also went to visit a few friends and did some swimming in their pool. I have continued to take my dad to dialysis 3 days a week as well. Dad turned 80 this summer, and had to end up giving up driving so it's meant more running for me in taking him out to do errands and shopping but I don't really mind as I'm usually wanting to get out places and pick up things myself, and I know how hard it can be when you don't have a vehicle and no one to take you places. It's hard living on your own esp. when you've had someone living with you and in your life for 50 years. I think perhaps some people have no idea of what it's like to be stuck on your own, or dependent upon others and in need as well as being very lonely living on your own with no one to talk to. For years I've heard all these stories about enjoying one's 'golden years', but I must say, I am having trouble understanding where those golden years actually are for many people. Oh, there are some people who might be blessed in having both the money, the time and the health to enjoy those years, I am finding that there are so many more living with poor health, financial difficulties, and just unable to get out and do anything.
I watched my mom's health get worse and worse over the years, and saw her suffer in pain from her arthritis, and heart condition. Her latter years of life were not very enjoyable. Many of them were spent in and out of the hospital, and totally relying upon help from someone else. Now I watch as my dad grows older, and his health gets worse, his vision is failing, and he is having to depend upon someone else to get him out and around. Since he was unable to keep driving, I ended up with his van. It's older than the one I had, but definitely in better shape inside and out.
In August we had booked some time away at a cottage near Bancroft, so I ended up having to spend time finding and organizing things, doing extra laundry,buying extra groceries, packing things up, and getting ready to go.Earl had to end up working right till the last moment the night before so I had to rely upon both of my girls to help out and thankfully they are old enough now that they are able to help out with many of these things, as well as pack up their own things, and locate things which I'm unable to do. I was really thankful for all of their help this year, as I was having a difficult time getting ready. They even helped with loading up most of the things into the van.
The night before we left we had an unexpected, and totally unwelcome visitor. A black and white animal that has been living somewhere nearby and visiting our yard and those around us. You guessed it...a skunk. This nasty little creature decided to venture into our yard up near our back door right at the same time as our dog Honey was outside. I was sitting inside the house, and the smell suddenly took my breath away, and I found my eyes burning and that was with all of the doors and windows closed. I yelled for my daughter to let the dog in only to be met with a smell that grew even stronger. I looked out the back door to see the skunk just walking along taking it's time as it sauntered around the yard. Great...I was trying to get things packed up and my plans were quickly changed. My evening was spent grabbing the dog, and taking her down to the laundry tubs and giving her an in depth, scrubbing, and cleaning as my eyes watered and I gasped for breathe. We didn't have any tomato juice in the house, so I just did my best with what I had at such a late hour. Of course we had to put up with the smell all night and open all of the windows to try and freshen the air.
By morning we had to spend time packing everything up, and loading the car so we could head out for our vacation. Finally, some time away, with no deadlines, no committments, and no time schedule to follow. Just what I was needing and looking forward to.
We made pretty good time getting to the cottage, and it was wonderful to get up there by the lake and into the place we've been to for a number of years now.
Mornings to sleep in, days to sit by the lake or go into town or visit with someone and just relax. Time to sit and feed peanuts to the chipmunks and the bluejays, and do some crafts or read a book. Evenings to go down and fish at the dock and watch the sun set across the lake. What a beautiful view! Nights to sit by the campfire and roast marshmallows, and listen to the total peace & quiet of the evening save for the call of the loons back and forth to one another. Time to sit and look into the skies and to wonder at how many stars there actually are in the sky. You sure don't see that many when you live in a town or city with lights all over. A very short holiday that we wait all year to enjoy!!

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