Sunday, March 05, 2006


I keep thinking that I want to start writing more on my blog, or on another site I've joined, but I seem to have this block. I don't know what to write about or how to get started on anything these days. When I do get started on something, I tend to lose track of my thoughts, or get interupted. Some people seem to write something regularly, and have such a natural ability and gift with their words. I'm afraid I tend to stick to the much simpler words. I wonder if it's too late to start learning how to do new things? I've often thought how nice it would be to just have the time & the creative mind to start writing a book or even some short stories.

I've been told that it's a good idea to write something everyday, no matter what one writes. It's supposed to be the exercise of writing daily that is important. Learning how to use words that are both creative and descriptive, and that will allow the readers to hear, smell & feel what the writer is talking about; deleting excess words, and adverbs; using verbs and short, concise paragraphs, along with words that communicate. Don't use a lot of cliches, or little words, like also,and, that...; and try to put some order into your thoughts. Sometimes that's a challenge too, along with trying not to put in a lot of words and thoughts that don't support your story line. These are only a few simple suggestions that have been shared with me. I'm sure from the many books & articles out there that it would take years to even begin to read them all and learn the things that need to be learned. I suppose all one can do is to take some courses, or find a good book that gives advise, and do the best you can. For those with a natural, God given ability, I'm sure all they need is some simple instructions on "how to" and they are off. It's obviously not the type of thing that everyone is able to do. I think perhaps I fall into this category. It's just something that I enjoy doing, and think would be nice to be able to do. When I see what others put into writing, I feel so inadequate.

I wonder if I had taken some courses when I was younger if I could have learned and acquired the ability to write! I know I certainly had a much easier time putting things into writing, and keeping my thoughts on track and doing a lot more than I seem to be able to do now. I wonder if this is because of my age, or perhaps the fibro fog and pain that I live with that clouds my thinking? Is it perhaps that I never really seem to have a lot of time to just sit quietly, without interuptions, or perhaps that I just have too many things on my plate to keep my thoughts focused?
Is it perhaps that I've forgotten a lot of things that I once used to know? Perhaps it's just that I really don't have a lot of real knowledge on one certain thing that I can write about!

Having the gift and ability to be able to write and perhaps write something that could actually turn into a form of income would be nice, but I'm certainly not going to hold my breath. Then again, who really knows what the future holds. Miracles do happen!


mo said...

I love to read what you write, more is better!

clumsy_jen said...

ok i finally posted a blog!

Colleen said...

You can go for it! I'm 41 and just went back to college for an engineering degree. Don't worry too much comparing yourself with others. The Word says it's not wise to compare ourselves with others. Just do the best you can and keep the pen (or keys) moving!

Anonymous said...

There is a book called "Writing down the bones" that is a great book to give you little writing practices. I'm going through it for the second time in my life.

Keep this in mind too. Most successful writers are not young adults. They are people with 'life' to write about. Age is, if anything, an asset to the writing life.

The other piece of advice I've been given over and over, is to read. Read lots. If you want to write short stories, read them. If you want to write for a magazine, read articles.

Keep at it, and you will amaze yourself.