Saturday, March 11, 2006

The Start of March Break

It's March Break! Today I watched my lovely 14 year old daughter go off with a local group on a coach bus. She was so excited to be going on this trip. Her first opportunity, and visit to Florida. So amazing! I am so proud of her too. She saved up for this trip for a long time, and she paid for most of it all on her own. She is very fortunate to have this opportunity to go there, and to have some special friends in which to share it with. I've never been there in my lifetime, and somehow I suspect it's a place that I never will have the chance to see. I'm just glad that she has been able to go, and I pray that it will be a wonderful & happy experience that she will never forget.
It's a long trip down there on the bus. They were going to be travelling for at least 25 hours. They won't even arrive at the camp until sometime tomorrow afternoon. The kids who were going seemed so excited. They have lots of activities planned for them to enjoy this week, and I'm looking forward to hearing all about her trip.
Whatever am I going to do to keep my 11 year old busy? Today we decided to venture out on this bright, spring like day, and went to visit my friend with the Irish Wolfhound pups. She has three litters of pups at the moment, 20 puppies in total. One litter is already 6 1/2 weeks old. One is three weeks, and the other litter is only two weeks old. They are all so adorable. I love the tiniest little one, all the way up to the biggest ones. The older ones are now getting more playful, and starting to show their colours & personalities more. As they grow, they are starting to look more and more like little visions of their parents. We were able to take them outside in the sunshine and let them play and run about. I took turns picking them all up and cuddling them, and getting them to run around the yard. I know my daughter was certainly enjoying the time with them as well. One they were tuckered out, we went in and went for a swim in the warm, indoor pool. Great for easing the pain in my legs. I wouldn't have minded staying in there all day, as it was certainly helping with the pain. Once out, we spent some time with the other pups, and got to hold the youngest ones, and help get them out and settled to be nursed by their mommy, while our friend took care of the other pups & mom. The middle aged ones are also starting to drink from a bowl, and are getting an added milk supplement, and they seemed to be doing really well. We stayed as long as we could, and enjoyed a nice dinner with them then had to head home finally. I thought it was a pretty good start to March Break. They also lent us their newest movie, Harry Potter, and the Goblet of Fire. That took care of our evening and put an end to a pretty good day.


Stephenie said...

I just finished my spring break! I have travelled quite a bit and I must say the most important thing has been the support of my parents as I have gone. They encourage me in my adventures. I'm sure your daughter appreciates your excitement for her. I can tell you are proud of her and that is priceless in a daughter's life.

dawn2454 said...

Thanks Steph. I just hope she realizes how much I love her and how proud I really am. I do think it's great that she has such a wonderful opportunity to travel because I never did. I just miss the closeness, and the way she used to share things willingly with me in the past. Now I have to almost beg for a hug goodbye.The sad part about it is that I can remember being like that at her age, but I don't ever remember my parents offering that hug, or saying they loved me, even though I never doubted it. Glad to hear your parents do support you. I hope you tell them how much you appreciate their support, and give them a hug, because it really does mean a lot.