Saturday, February 25, 2006


If anyone is interested in reading some fun facts about butterflies, check out the following sites.

I really love the beauty of a butterfly, and the many colours that they seem to come in. I love the way a butterfly comes to life from the caterpillar stage, to the cocoon that hibernates for a time, then an amazing, beautiful butterfly eventually comes out of it's cocoon, and after it's wings dry, it soars off in flight and into it's own. Free at last to show off it's delicate, and intricate beauty, and to display it's irridescent colours, and amazing abilities. Did you know they have special taste buds in their feet, or that they like to feed from rotting fruit, nectar from flowers, fruit juices, and other things. If you've never been to a Buttefly Conservatory, I would suggest you check one out. My favorite one is the one in Niagara Falls. It was amazing to walk thro' there and see so many different varieties of butterflies & moths, and to see them eating and flying about.
I love them, and look to find various things with butterfly's on them!

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Jennifer said...

I was just reading your post about being challenged by Pastor Buckle's faith series. My small women's group is going through a book called Walking By Faith by Jennifer Rothschild. It is about Jennifer's take on faith, she is a blind woman who has been given amazing gifts from God but it gives you a excellent perspective on faith. As well as great biblical references that help us understand what true faith is and how hard we need to work in order to understand what it takes to have faith. I just wanted to recommend it to you as it is amazing and has already made me think alot about faith and I'm not even done the first week on teh study yet. Maybe you could suggest it to the women's bible study if you guys still do that at OAC. Highly recommended!