Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Our New Pup

I can't believe how much time has passed by since the holidays. It's already almost the middle of February and I haven't even shared anything about our new pup. In December we decided to start checking around for another dog. We were finally able to accept another one into our home after the loss of our beloved Casey. I did a lot of checking around, both for pups and adult dogs. My husband had decided he only wanted another Sheltie, and it had to be the same colour as Casey had been and oversized...not the typical small size Sheltie. He had also specified that he wanted another male, but at least was willing to be flexible on that one. Good thing too, as the dog that we happened to find was a female, that met all of his criteria, and was already 7 months old. The breeder was looking for a home for her, because she got too big for the standard sizes, and was not able to be bred or put into the show ring. We met with her and checked out the dog and decided we liked her. Just before we went to see her we were informed that she had been de-barked. Not something I would ever submit any dog to, but what is done is done, and we've been told that it really doesn't do any harm to the dog. That of course was one more concern for my husband, as he wanted to make sure the dog could bark. Turn's out there was never any fear of that. We went to see her once more in her home environment, and at this point found out she could indeed bark, and that it was just a softer pitch of sound rather than the sharp pitch it would normally be. While we found her to be a little timid & shy, she seemed to be a nice dog, so we decided to bring her home. Once we put her in the van, she curled up with my daughter and seemed to settle down right away. It was an hour's drive home, and she just sat there looking around, and seemed quite calm in the van.
Once home was another story. She was quite timid and just kept hiding and running away from us all, but was certainly happy to see our other dog. It didn't take long till she warmed up to me, probably because her first human mom was a single lady. We've had her now for about a month and a half now. She loves to bounce around and play with both Honey & Greta. Greta likes to hide on the stairs and tease the dogs to see if they'll play. Then she's off running, and hiding under the couch or chair. While she has their attention she'll paw their feet and then sneak out another way, and stand around the corner watching to see if they notice she's gone.
Priscilla is very much my dog at the moment, much to my husband's dismay, but she is slowly warming up to everyone. She was not used to fast moving, active children, so she is still taking a wide path around the girls when they are up and moving around, but getting better. She really is a lovely dog, but just needs to get past her timidness. Hopefully she does not remain like this, as I've always been very wary of dogs that are timid.
When I sit at the computer, she is always right down here with her head resting on my feet, unles everyone has gone to bed. That's the time when she seems to gain an extra spurt of energy and becomes really active & playful, both with Honey & with the box of toys.
If I'm on the couch she is usually at my feet, beside me or still back under the computer. It seems to be her favorite spot, and will even come over here when either of the girls are sitting here.
She will go to my husband if he's sitting still, and often when he comes in at night now, but she is still taking her time in trusting everyone. He often lets her out of her bed in the early morning before he goes to work and she will now come up to my bed, and start licking my face & neck and stepping all over me. I think she's forgotten that she isn't a little puppy any longer. lol
No matter what, we love her and she's certainly a keeper. Who am I kidding, any of them are a keeper once I bring them into my home. I'd love to have a lot more, but the town has restrictions on the dogs, and then you have to worry about the vet costs. Guess we'll have to be happy with the ones we have, and give them all of our love.


mo said...

Kids and animals, your a sucker for both. I think it's a good think there are restrictions, you'd have a puppy orphanage for sure.
Glad she's warming up to you guys.

dawn2454 said...

Oh my gosh, how did you get to know me so quickly? lol

Stephenie said...

I think its so amazing how animals have their own personalities. It sounds like your pup has a shy personality. :) I never understood how poeple could get so attached to their pets until my brother got a dog and I fell in love with her! Her name is Molly and she is adorable. I have pictures of her through my picture link on my site. Its great you are happy with the one you chose. :)

Christina said...

ahh.. That's great. She sounds like a sweetie! I'm sorry to hear that "C" passed, I know from Ron telling me it's pretty hard on a person. When his dog passed he had to take a few days off work cause he was just heart broken. I'm glad to see that you were able to find another "baby" I hope you have a great time with her!XO

Jennifer said...

Congratulations on getting a new dog!! Sounds like Priscilla has secured her rightful title as the baby of the household. Could you please post some pics of her...she sounds lovely!

dawn2454 said...

Pictures to come as soon as I figure out how to get my scanner hooked up, and get some photo's developed. Sorry, I don't have a digital camera. Of course if anyone wants to get rid of one I wouldn't turn it down. :)