Wednesday, March 30, 2005


If you know of someone who is dealing with abuse, offer them support, & advice on things they can do in order to get help in dealing with what they are living with. Abuse happens much more than most people are aware of. It's something that happens in every walk of life, and to probably every age group out there. It is not restricted to just one certain type of person, or from a certain walk of life. It is open to every race, every person, every age, and every type of person. Often it happens bit by bit and a person has no idea what is really happening, or doesn't know what to do in order to escape from it. In many cases, there are threats of more abuse, threats to take children, and in some cases threats of death. Unless you've had to deal with it or know someone who has, I don't think most people understand the reality or severity of this problem.
There are many sites available to people on the internet if one has access to it. There are also many hotline numbers out there for those who do not have access to computers, and places where one can go for help.
Abuse is a crime. Don't let it keep happening!


The Reverend said...

True, I had been a watcher of violence in a relationship even so much as it happening in front of me. Though they where not married it carried an outcome on her bringing her self esteem and worth to an all time low. I hope today she is well, and she hasn't repeated the cycle with someone else.

dawn2454 said...

I don't think a lot of people realize how much of a problem this is, or how much it really does affect a person who goes thro' it. It does affect a person's self esteem and a how they view just about everything, and how they react. It's hard to move past it!