Saturday, April 02, 2005

Did I sleep thro' the seasons?

Oh no! It’s finally happened. My body needed to catch up on the sleep that I so often miss. I went to sleep after enjoying a week of spring like weather, and well... I think I slept thro’ all three season’s.

It’s snowing outside, and it’s coming down with a vengence. Big, white, heavy wet snowflakes are falling all around, and the wind is blowing it all over. Everything is white & covered as this winter storm surrounds us.

I missed the rest of spring, and all of summer & fall. I missed the beauty of spring and it’s new growths. Buds sprouting from the ground, grass turning green, buds forming on the trees and new leaves taking form. A cascade of colours beginning, and taking form as the snow melts away, and the ground begins to soften under the warmth of the sun. Birds returning from their winter homes, and scattering all about in song as they find their mates, build nests, and lay eggs. Gentle rains, and days that are warm. In the maple bush tis the season for making maple syrup. (gee, I think today was supposed to be the Maple Syrup Festival). New life begins, and people venture back out into their yards & streets finding jobs to keep them busy after their winter confinement. Summer days filled with the sound of children’s laughter as school ends and holiday time approaches. The cascade of colour that began in the spring, gently explodes all around in the gardens & trees. Playgrounds & parks come alive, swimming pools overflow, summer sports abound, and people are out enjoying the long summer days & evenings. Family vacations, picnics, and time to just sit under a tree listening to the sound of nature while there is a gentle breeze blowing thro’ the trees, rustling the leaves, mixed with the songs of the birds on their branches. Of course there are those hot, humid days where it’s just to hot to be out there, where I’ve curled up in the shade with a good book. Then there’s fall with it’s crisp, cool days, the end of gardens, fresh new crops from the apple trees. . Leaves changing colours of brilliant red, orange & yellow’s, then gently falling to the ground to form a covering over everything. . Flocks of ducks & geese fly overhead in their v-formation as they head for their winter shelters. Open fields filled only with big orange pumpkins indicate a season of thanksgiving harvests, and the end of yet another season. Jack Frost leaves a shimmering spectacle of designs on windows. People seem to disappear and a peaceful quiet falls upon everything.
As a child, I used to think how wonderful it was to see that first snow fall arrive. It was so much fun to dress up and race outside to a playground of pure white; to cast myself upon the ground and spread my arms & legs and make my first snow angel of the season; then to roll that cold, wet snow into a new creation and wonder complete with stone eyes, a carrot nose, and a candy smile-sticks in place of arms and some little stones to make the buttons for the shirt. If we were lucky to find an old hat or scarf, the snowman took on character. There are times when I look out upon the world of glistening white around me and still see an amazing world of beauty & creation. Then reality sets in. Get out the boots, & coats, the mitts & hats, and bundle up. The snow has to be shoveled, the car cleaned off, and I have to drive in that stuff. The weather has no set schedule even tho’ I do.
Today, the snow has continued to fall all day. Large, thick white flakes, wet ones, little ones, with the wind gusting and blowing things around. It’s a thick, wet packing snow, filled with the promise of snowmen & ski days. The roads were slippery, and approaching treacherous when I was out earlier. The sky is grey & overcast with only the promise of more snow to come as it plummets to the ground, and makes driving difficult.
It started falling early this morning and as dark falls upon us, it’s still coming down.
I thought this was the night when the time changed…from winter to spring. Isn't it supposed to spring forward? Am I wrong? Did I really sleep thro’ all those season’s ? Am I dreaming…or perhaps even worse having a nightmare? Has winter returned?

What happened to spring?


The Reverend said...

LOL....I think it was a nightmare!!

dawn2454 said...

Whew....that's good to know. Perhaps someone could wake me when the nightmare is over....think I might have seen some sunshine out there today. Was it real? lol