Monday, March 21, 2005

Spring has arrived!

Yesterday we experienced a winter storm & snowfall. It wasn't so great having to drive thro' it, but once it stopped it was actually quite pretty. The snow was thick packing snow. After church ended those who are young or young at heart ventured out into the snow and had some fun running around and throwing snowballs at one another. A few of the drivers decided to try out their experience in driving and stopping in the parking lot. I think if I was in better shape I would have got ride in the middle of it all, or gone out and made a snowman. That's what I used to look forward to in the winter when my children were younger. Watching for the perfect snowy day when the snow was good for packing and rolling into snowballs. This winter has been such a long, cold winter and while I'm sure there were a few days, I don't really remember many where the snow was just right for making snowmen. I wonder if people have strayed away from the art of making snowmen? I don't remember seeing any on people's front lawns or anywhere around the.
Now that winter is almost over, I can think about the beauties of winter. Have you ever stopped to look out over a field, or a forest area after a fresh, new snowfall. It can leave a breathtaking view as you look out over a blanket of pure white, glistening snow. Barren trees, with their leaves all shed are sprinkled & filled with a coating of white on their branches. Even the streets remain snow covered until the first cars start down it and leave their tire tread tracks. As things get busier, the snow is pushed to the sides, and turned into a slippery slush, splashing everything. Children & adults alike venture out into the snow each with their own idea's in mind. Playing, making snowmen, throwing a snowball or fort, shovelling and piling it up, tromping thro'.
After the snow we had yesterday, the ground was completly covered. Everything was still white when I got up today. It was a lovely sunny day out. The temperature has risen above freezing, and I watched in wonder as the snow slowly disappeared, a little stream of it flowing into a puddle at the end of the drive. Patches of brown/yellow grass are sticking up thro' the snow, and there seems to be a few more birds singing in the tree's. As the daylight ends, over half the snow has disappeared. I wonder if this is the end of it all? Today gave us promise of the arrival of spring. Amazingly, today is officially the first day of Spring.
Come on Spring!!


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