Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Hi folks,
I'm not really sure who is going to even read any of my blogs. I'm having a time just trying to figure out how to even get back on here and find the place to post the blogs. I suppose the more I use it, the easier it will become. It amazes me how easily my lovely young daughter picks these things up and does them. I can't believe she's actually a teenager. Where did the years go to?
It's really kewl to see some different people on here that I know. As of yet I have not passed on my blog site, but in time...
Does anyone ever wonder what they did before computers came out and people were able to come to places like this to share things with complete strangers? I always enjoyed writing letters and I found myself reaching out and finding penpals in various places all over the world. Back then I had to use a pen & paper and write out my letter, and post in via snail mail, then wait for the person I wrote to get it and eventually respond to me. I'm still writing a few people that way, but I must admit I've been won over by the computer and the quick, convenience of it. Well at least once you know what you're doing. Now I just email a lot of different people all over, or keep in touch via chat lines. I still keep in touch with a few of the original people I started writing to over 25 years ago as well. Ya, that dates me, but I haven't worried about hiding my age. I hope there are some other 'oldies' out there in blogger land.
I've always enjoyed writing, and I do have a few regrets that I wasn't able to pursue a career in it earlier in my life. It would have been nice to have taken a course in journalism, or perhaps written for a newspaper...maybe even travelled abroad covering headline news. When I look back to my younger days, I often wonder why back then I really didn't know what I wanted to do with my life. I made choices, and started a family. Despite a lot of difficult times and many changes in my life, I will never regret having my 3 lovely children. I certainly have regrets about the way I've sometimes done things, but I can't go back and undo them. All I can do is to take things "One day at a time", and try to change things the best I can with each new day.
Happy Blogging to everyone out there!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment or two, or three, but it sounds like one of them wasn't really you. Now I'm curious how that happened.

It's funny to me that you are concerned about how your age would affect a writing career. I've taken the journalism course and am feeling like I'm not old enough/experienced enough to have anything worth writing about that people would actually be interested in reading.

Don't let anything get in the way of doing what you love. That's what I keep getting told. I have yet to send stories to a newspaper or magazine though.