Sunday, January 23, 2005

Just another day....

I was awake at 5:30am this morning in terrible pain. I suffer with fibromyalgia, and also have osteo-arthritis, along with degenerative disc disease....meaning some of my discs in my back are degenerating...getting smaller. Thus there are times when they move and the friction of things rubbing together causes pain. This morning the pain was going from the back of my head all the way down into my lower spine and I couldn't sleep or even stand to lay on my back. For awhile it was almost unbearable.Thank goodness for pain med's, and special ointments that can be rubbed on to help. I was actually able to get a little more sleep when the med's kicked in.
Today was church so I had to get up and moving. The car had to be started ahead of time and warmed up since we are getting some frigid temperatures right now, and there was some snow & ice that needed to be cleaned off. I was just going to spend the morning sitting & relaxing but I ended up going up to the front to sing with the worship team. I enjoy singing, but it's taken a long time for me to gather the courage to start singing at the front and to be in front of so many people. I've always shied away from crowds and especially talking in front of them or doing anything. I was perfectly content to stay at home with my books & hobbies, unless it was only one of two friends. I still don't do well in groups, and I get all tongue tied sometimes.
After church a lot of them were going out to lunch so we/my family, decided to join them and go to Montana's. I knew they were going to have them sing to my daughter, but someone decided to blow the whistle and let them know it was also my birthday. That meant they brought two moosehead hats with horns out for us to wear while they sang happy birthday and took a picture of each of us. Now that was not expected.... The hat was only a few moments, but the picture traps that memory forever....yikes. Oh well, all in the fun of things! It was good to get out and be with some other people/friends for awhile.
I don't know if it's this weather, or the way I've been feeling, or just a lot of the stress in my life, but I've been feeling a little down and just wanting to curl up and stay home lately. Somehow my life doesn't let me do that...which perhaps it for the best. (well sometimes)
Anyway, I just wanted to try and write something down. Guess it was just another day in my life!


clumsy_jen said...

Happy Birthday!

dawn2454 said...

Thanks Jen!!