Monday, September 13, 2004

Taking things one day at a time!

Ok this is my first attempt at trying to put together something in this world of blog. Thanks Mike for introducing me to it. I think you're an amazing guy and I've really enjoyed reading your many stories and escapades with your family & friends. What a kewl idea being able to journal and fill people in on things and keep in touch.
As my title says, I try to live my life..."taking things one day at a time". We never know what tomorrow might bring or if we'll live to see it come. Perhaps tomorrow will be the day when Christ returns to take home His children. Life holds so many new and different things, along with many stressful situations & difficulties. Sometimes it's hard to get thro' them all, but I have to keep saying and believing that with God, all things are possible. As I go thro' life taking things one day at a time, I have to keep trusting in my blessed Savior to see me thro' whatever the day brings.
I have to say I have developed some amazing and wonderful friends thro' the years when I started writing to penfriends I found listed in a magazine, and since then I've found many more via the internet and thro' a few groups I've joined. I have also made some very special and close friends thro' the people in my church. Many of these people have helped me to understand the true bonds of friendship and I am so thankful for these people in my life.
I hope I'm able to share with them thro' this site. Blessings to all!


Michael said...

Hi, I just found your blog. Am I the Mike you were referring to? If so, I'm flattered...

dawn2454 said...

Well if you're the Mike whose blogging on here, and talking about Life's a Journey, then I am indeed talking about you. Just wish I could remember how to get back on here once I leave. lol This is a new experience for me.