Saturday, April 04, 2009

Springs Promise

It's springtime here in Canada, although it's progression is somewhat different in each of the various provinces. Our west coast is usually further ahead with its spring buds, and flowers as their temperatures rise quicker. Still it has been a strange winter, and we have heard of many winter storms hitting B.C. including the Vancouver area and on the island. It's not that they don't get snow there, it's just that they don't usually see very much of it, especially in comparison to what we see here in Ontario.

We have already had some mild, sunny days where all we needed was a light sweater, but today that was not the case. We awoke to find a light layer of snow all over everything, and a cold winter wind. It is the beginning of April so we know that it is unlikely that it will stay for very long, but it's still is something we are tired of seeing at this point in time.

With the changing seasons comes a change in the types of sports that are being played within the schools. One of my daughters is really into sports. In September she started off by playing basketball, then progressed to volleyball, and now she is into rugby. She is also on a rep team that plays basketball against other teams in a certain area, which has meant some travelling to various towns and cities. This weekend she has been off playing various games and competing against other teams. She left early this morning to go to Toronto, and won't be returning till late tonight. It is something she really enjoys, and seems to also do well in. It's never been something I was very good at or able to do, but it seems that many of the sports are played according to the different season's.

With the arrival of spring comes the promise of fresh new life. new growth, warmer temperatures, and cool nights. For many it is a time of awakening after a long, cold winter. A time when many 'spring' into life and busyness as they change their patterns of living, and try to become more active again. Spring cleaning, cleaning up the mess left around from winter, raking, planting, making plans, walking and getting out more are just a few of the things people do. With April, comes the traditional spring showers, and Eastertime. A time when many celebrate the arrival of the Easter bunny, with his basket full of chocolate goodies and treats. Good Friday - a day that is celebrated in memory of that time when Christ was forced to walk through the streets and carry the same cross that He was nailed and hung upon. Easter Sunday -a day when we celebrate God's gift of eternal life, the day when Christ rose from the dead, and left the tomb where He had been laid, and showed us the true miracle of His walk from death into life ~ a brand new, fresh start of eternal life.

It is a time of renewed life, faith, trust, and hope in the promise of all God has provided for us. It is the promise of awakening life, a fresh new start, a reason to have hope, and as well a reason to have faith in what is yet to come.

Put on your Easter bonnet, your new spring outfit, or something that brings the brightness of spring into your heart. Go for a walk, a run, or maybe even skip joyously along. Yesterday is done and over, and we hope the same goes for winter. We cannot change what is behind us, but we can learn from it, and look forward to a bright new tomorrow. Even more, we can be truly thankful for what we have TODAY... live, love, laugh and make the most of what God has blessed us with Today, living it to the fullest with God at the helm.

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