Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Summer Memories

Outside my window, I can see the leaves on the trees blowing softly in the breeze. The sun is shining, and it looks like a beautiful summer day out there. Off in the background, behind the trees, float some fluffy, white powderpuff clouds, with a brilliant blue sky off in the horizon.

All around me I can hear the sound of laughter as children play outside with their friends. A dog is barking in the distance, and it seems to start up a chain of different barks and sounds as another dog barks back.

There are birds singing and chirping, and flying in and out amongst the trees. A squirrel scampers across the ground, and another one leaps from the tree branches, and onto a nearby fence. It runs across the top of the fence, then scampers down to the ground in search of food. I hear a very light tapping, and look up in time to catch view of a black and white woodpecker as it creeps about the tree trunk in search of insects. I keep watching and listening till I catch sight of a chipmunk running across the grass and in and out of the little places where it hides, and searches for food. It has some food in it's mouth, so must be heading for it's little burrow in the ground to hide it with it's store of winter provisions.

I walk slowly along the pathway, and under the trees as I head for the lake. The path is still covered with the various leaves that fell during the winter, along with a bed of pine needles which is scattered around the base of each tree.

As I draw closer to the lake, I can hear the waves gently lapping against the shoreline. On the beach there are a few people still sitting in the sand, and enjoying the last of the summer days. A few people have even ventured into the water, and are splashing merrily in the waves. The younger crowd doesn't seem to be at all concerned about the temperature of the water. They run, splashing amongst the waves, playing ball, and building sand castles.

Now that the evenings are starting to get cooler, I'm sure it must be cooling the temperature of the water down as well. I kick my sandles off and venture into the shallows for a little while, and walk up and down the beach, enjoying the warm rays of the afternoon sun.

A few seagulls fly overhead, sqaulking and carrying on in hopes that someone will throw them some food. Then I hear the sound that I really love. The cry of the loons as they call out to one another. I find them fascinating to watch as they paddle across the lake, then dive down under the water and disappear. I watch in anticipation, waiting for them to come back up to the surface. You just never know where they are going to pop back up, or how far down the lake they might travel in their search for food.

It has been a remarkable summer filled with many wonderful memories. Times around the campfire, or curled up in a warm blanket as someone shares a story; great moments together frolicking in the lake, swimming , canoeing, and even some fishing. Special moments with nature and viewing the wildlife of this area; but most of all, moments to treasure and most special of all are those spent with loved ones.

Another summer has passed us by, and we've been blessed to enjoy this amazing and beautiful place full of God's creations.

It is a place where I've been able to enjoy great serenity, and peace, and the love of my family. I've watched on as my children have stepped out and met the challenges of new and wonderful things around the lake.

Another season has passed us by, and it is time to move on. School will be starting soon, and with it will come the arrival of autumn's charm, and changing colours.

Memories are built around these special places and moments in our lives, and they are times I truly want to remember with my family all around me.

Another time and season has passed, and I will look forward to returning again another time, once I have enjoyed a few more changing seasons and events. For now I will treasure the moments that I have left, and look forward to new ones.

by Dawn M.

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