Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Days Ending

The darkness has settled

As the evening draws nigh,

My eyes now grow heavy

As I sit with a sigh.

Off to bed I must wonder

And then I lay down

Pull up the covers

To sleep I am bound.

My body is weary

My pains they are great

I take time to settle

As the time now is late.

I toss and I turn

As my thoughts start to wonder

Just how can I settle

Is something I ponder.

Then I fall to my knees

To the Lord I will pray

It's the perfect ending

To a beautiful day.

I ask Him to help me

And all those I love,

For He is my Father

Who lives up above.

I ask God for comfort

I pray for my friends

My thoughts finally settle,

As the day finally ends.

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