Friday, May 12, 2006

Love in the Little Things

Love in the Little Things.
(Just a little poem I tried to write)

We don't have a great big mansion

our house needs a lot of repairs,

We don't drive a fancy limo

Just some old ones in need of some care

We rarely go out to the restaurants,

But we do get enough to eat

We don't get to go on the airplanes

Or off to some fancy resort.

We're lucky to find time for vacation

Or a place we can go to relax.

We don't wear expensive clothing

Or worry about things being in style.

We go off to the stores & the outlets

And look for cheap prices & sales

Our TV has the minimal channels,

But at least we can turn it on.

We still have some basic conveniences

Like a microwave, washer & dryer.

We still have a toaster & kettle, & also a coffee machine.

And we still have a fridge and a stove.

We don't have a house that is spotless,

But at least we have a place to live.

Our bills aren't always caught up,

But we do the best that we can.

We don't have a great deal to offer,

But we will learn to survive.

Our Father in Heaven is watching o'er us

And He will be there to provide.

For it's all in the little things around us,

And His love that we can always find.


mo said...

Nice! Hey that sounds like us too. ;)

dawn2454 said...

Sounds like a lot of people I know...but we do manage don't we.