Sunday, January 01, 2006


Wow, it's hard to believe how fast time often passes by. We spend so much time in the preparation of getting ready for Christmas, planning special events, meals, shopping, cleaning, fussing, running around...and then the day comes and we're too tired to enjoy it. For the person who does so much of the running around, cleaning, shopping, meal preparations etc. it's a lot of extra work that we aren't really used to doing. The stress & strain of so many events & things going on and running about, along with a lot of extra financial strain is very difficult for many to handle. Then there's the part that many families now deal with, and that is the one of trying to split up your time between each others families, parents, siblings, friends, church events.... I don't really have any easy solutions for anyone. It was hard having to do many of those things, and esp. when the children were younger and we also had to take along extra toys, clothes, diapers etc.
I used to enjoy all the fuss & having people come over, and just getting together with others. I always enjoyed that special time when the family would all gather together as one, in unity, and love. I miss my mom on these special holidays and especially during family events. We seldom 'all' get together, but families have grown, & gone about their lives in so many different ways. Now it's just our immediate family & my dad. My son & his family do their own thing. My brother & his boys came to visit for a little while to spend time with my father. That was nice to see them.
Unfortunately the years do pass by all too quickly and I don't want to think past today and where things will be as my daughters grow older. I do hope that they will remember & place value in the importance of families.


Anonymous said...

Special Holidays make you realize just how much your family changes.
Do you like having a smaller group for Christmas? I think I'm looking forward to a time when it will be less crazy for us, more simple.

dawn2454 said...

I miss having my mom around,and having someone else taking a turn with the Christmas meal, but I think I do enjoy the smaller group. I'm just getting too old to have to do all that cooking and fussing for a crowd of people. Must admit,I do still like to have family around over the holidays, and miss my son & his family as well. I do think we need to start having things more simple, and less stressful.

Stephenie said...

Hi Dawn, thanks for visiting my blog! I just had to laugh hearing your experience with spoons! What a riot. :)