Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tues. Oct. 20th.

Here it is Oct. 20th. I don't even know anymore where my days seem to disappear to, but the time just seems to go by so fast. Perhaps the busyness of my days is the reason. Running two teens around, trying to keep track of their various working schedules, along with sports events for my youngest. They seem to have a practice or game every day of the week. Then there's my father who I take to dialysis three mornings a week, and any extra appointments, errands etc. I end up taking him to as well. Then someplace in there I have to schedule my own appointments. This month has been rather hectic as I attempt to fit in more than usual in preparation for my cataract surgery coming up, and knowing that the specialist would rather I am not driving for approx. two weeks after that. I'm sure my eldest will be happy to hear that she can take the car and actually have it to drive around that week...well that's if I decide to allow her... lol

The streets around our neighbourhood are being torn up all over the place as they put in new water pipes and sewer pipes I believe. Sometimes we don't have water, and a lot of the people in the one area have to end up parking their cars all along the various roads. So far we've had the use of our drive, although there were a few times I wondered if we'd be able to get out of it. With all the trucks and the various supplies stashed along the roadway, I've wondered how I'd get out and around them. There are long rubber pipes, piles of sand & gravel, huge cement things and a number of things I have no idea about. Today was one of those days that we did without water. Apparently they broke a water line someplace with their digging and were having to dig up more ground and trying to locate and fix the broken line. Each day for almost a month now, it's been a constant drum of noise as the various trucks and tractors drive back and forth and in and out of the streets, and bang and clunk things up and down and in and out. It's starts bright and early at 7am and goes right through till at least 5pm. Well at least most everyday. I do believe that they stop earlier on Friday's, and then there's a lunch time break when they all stop and sit down and eat their lunch. There is no ashphalt out anywhere along the road so when it rains it's a mass of mud and water. The more the trucks drive over the road the more holes that show up in the ground. I can't help wondering what kind of mess we will be stuck with once it grows colder and it snows? When will they be digging in front of our house and how long are we gonna have to park on another road and walk down to get the car? Definitely not something to look forward to once the snow starts to fall. I just hope that this doesn't happen on the day of my eye surgery!!

On another note, I've been doing much better since my knee replacement surgery. I don't have the constant pain 24/7 like I used to. Unfortunately having my knees done hasn't got rid of the pain I'm having from my sciatica, but so far it's been something I can tolerate after all the pain I used to get. I've even been going out with a friend and trying to do some walking when I can. The other day I walked half a mile, which was a real accomplishment for me. The past few years or more have been really difficult for me to do any walking as the pain was just so bad, and my knees would also give out on me. Anyway, I just need to get out there walking and 'try' to get in better shape if nothing else.

Having been doing much reading because of my cataract. The more I try to read the blurry it seems to go, so I'm looking forward to some down time and hopefully better vision when the surgery is all done.

Hubby just got back from his hunting trip. They were about a 6 or 7 hour drive north of Barrie. Only six of them went hunting for moose, but they got two moose, so at least we can be thankful for some meat in the freezer...something that takes the place of my buying cuts of beef over the winter.

Just learned that the pastor of our church has accepted a calling way up in Thunder Bay starting in 2010. I imagine it will be a big change for him and his family, being so far north, and much further away from both of their families, but I certainly wish them all the best as they make this change and trust that we will be able to find another Pastor who will work out. Both of my daughters have babysat for them, and I've even filled in to help with the childcare at times. They've been here for 10 years and become part of our church family, so it will be sad to see them leave. I'm sure they will be missed!! Seems to be many changes happening lately. Weddings, funerals, farewells... but I suppose it's all just a part of life.

Today was a gorgeous sunny fall day. The temp. got up into the 60's which was a most welcome thing. Almost a perfect day in regards to temperature...at least in my view. I meant to get out for a walk, but just had too many errands to do. At least I was in and out, and had the car windows open all the time I was out. Something I won't likely be doing for some time now if the weatherman is right.

If you're reading this, I hope that your life is going well, and that all your dreams will come true. God Bless You.

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