Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Another New Year !

We are already half way through the month of January, 2008. This month the weather has been crazy. We have gone through mild spells and made some record highs for this time of year. All the snow melted and disappeared, and it was just like a nice spring day for a little while. Now the temp has dropped again, and once again, the ground is white. Mind you there isn't a whole lot of the stuff out there, but just enough to make it slippery, and to remind us that winter is still here.

In less than a week, my lovely daughter will be turning 16 years of age. Another milestone in her life, and a year for many changes, thoughts and opportunities. One thing I know she is planning to do is to get her driver's license. A smart thing to get in todays society, and with the way things are nowadays. Transportation is an important and neccessary part of our lives, and independence and having the ability to drive ones self is really a good thing for any person to have. It might be difficult going through the various processes to reach that point of independence, but I think it is well worth it, and something I would advise everyone to get, especially other women.

According to my daughter she is now officially old enough to get a tatoo if she wants to. She is now old enough to drive. She is now old enough to make more important decisions for herself. She also claims she is old enough to walk out of here and get her own place. I wonder how many teens her age thing the same thing?

We are always in a rush to grow up, to gain our independence and freedom, to go out into the world, and to do the things we think we need to rush into. If we only had the ability to know what we know now, and to walk these same pathways as a young teen again. I know I would certainly make some changes in what I would do, and try to learn from what others have already done.

I know I would certainly have lived at home longer, and taken advantage of a free or cheap place to live, three meals on the table, a place to keep my laundry done, my own room, and only a few chores to do. Of course there were things my parents and I didn't always agree with, but it was still a lot easier than trying to manage out there all alone, and try to attend school, go to work and pay for everything. There are certainly better things one can do for one's self, and better ways to spend one's money. With the cost of schooling, especially college and university, it's always good to have something to put away towards ones education.

Still life goes on. Now I will see what happens around here with my life, and that of my beloved children.

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