Friday, August 04, 2006


God's love is so amazing

So kind and good and true.

He loves us all so very much,

He loves both me and you.

His Son was born of Mary,

His earthly parents found,

God chose the very best He could,

So His love would abound.

Jesus came to teach us,

About real love and joy,

He walked amongst the people,

Even as a little boy.

Then as He grew into a man,

He reached out to all mankind,

He told them of His Father's love,

And left no one behind.

Then came that day of horror,

When people turned on Him,

They tortured Him so terribly,

And life for Christ turned dim.

A crown of thorns was placed on Him,

As angry throngs of people came,

A heavy cross they made Him take,

Threw rocks and called out names.

Upon that cross they nailed Him,

Through both his hand and feet,

They raised the cross to face the crowds,

Cruel names they did repeat.

At both His sides they also placed,

Two theives each on a cross,

Both also nailed through hands and feet,

That day their lives a loss.

Christ suffered much upon that day,

Defeated and forsaken,

He died in pain upon that cross,

And then His sould was taken.

His body then was laid to rest,

A stone placed o'er the tomb,

The ones who loved Him sat and cried,

For them there was great gloom.

Then later on when He had passed,

They returned one day to pray,

The stone was gone, no body found,

They knew not what to say.

God raised His son from death,

Christ walked and talked with others,

And then before He left this place,

He saw His heavently mother.

Christ was given life again,

He died for you and me,

He rose to join His father in heaven,

Through Him, we too can be free.

Eternity can now be yours,

If you will just believe,

He died in love for all mankind,

You too can be set free.

copyright "Dawn"

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