Thursday, June 01, 2006

A Trip To Ecuador

My husband is thinking about going on a short term mission trip to Ecuador this year. Our church supports the idea of people making this trip to go and share their lives and testimonies, and to take bibles & things for the children when they go. They have also help found a church over there and come to know a number of the people in the same area. Some of the people who are on the mission team have been over there a number of times and have really enjoyed the opportunity to go and be part of this trip and time of helping and sharing with these people.

Even though it's a short term trip of only 10 days, it means making a big committment, and coming up with the funding of $2200. along with some spending money. Along with that it means making arrangements with work, getting the proper time off, and committing to one night a week of meeting with the group and learning more about this trip, forming bonds, praying for one another, and working out all of the details of things. They all have to pay extra money on top of this cost to get the proper vaccinations and medicals that they need. Airline tickets need to be purchased, and a variety of other things arranged.

There are a few personal things that he needs to check into and to see about. A few of these things could mean the difference of whether he's allowed to go or not. It would not be nice to get to the airport, with luggage packed and to be turned away, so I hope anyone reading this will keep him in your prayers.

The cost is something that may seem minor to many, but when I look at those figures I look and think it might as well be a thousand, as it's going to be very difficult to come up with.It's not something that is easy for us to do, especially when you live from paycheck to paycheck. It's going to mean giving up some things in order to try and come up with any of the money, and trusting that God will provide. It means having Faith that everything will work out the way it's supposed to, and the way that he is trusting for.

It's a trip that I would love to be able to go on. An experience of a lifetime. One that I can only imagine just like any other form of travel and going places, because it's something I've never in my life been able to do. Just a dream, and an impossibility unless God saw fit to heal me and to change a lot of circumstances. But if I can't go on this trip, then perhaps I will be able to experience thro' others, which is what I've been doing these past few years. Keeping in touch with those who are going, praying for them, helping out when I might possibly be able to, listening to their stories, and viewing their pictures, picking people up at the airport.... There are certainly ways to experience things without actually doing it physically so I'm hoping that's what I'm able to do. For now I will have to be content to help my husband reach his goals and actually be able to go on this trip.

Another experience in his life, and his memories. Hopefully one that will be a rewarding experience both for him and all the others who are going on this trip.

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