Friday, February 25, 2005


There are times when I'd like to come here and pour my heart out and share how I'm feeling, but then I wonder just how much information is is good to disclose. How much should we really share of our lives, and will it hurt others if we do. That's a choice & decision I have to make.
Somedays life just seems so full of blessings & joy. Then there are other times when I sit back and wonder WHY ~ How come? When all I want to do is cry out or runaway from it all.... Why is life so hard? Why is it so difficult to do anything? Why are there so many problems to overcome? Why is there so much pain~ physically, emotionally & spiritually? Why is there so much suffering in people's lives?
I know we are supposed to turn to God in EVERY circumstance, be it blessings or needs. He wants to hear from us thro' the good times and the bad. He is a Father who loves us unconditionally and just wants us to come to Him and share our lives with Him. Often when things are going well, we just continue on our way and forget to turn to Him. We should be reaching out in praise & thanksgiving for "ALL" the blessings He gives us in our lives. When problems mount up and bring us down, then often the question that people ask is Why or where are you God or why did you let this happen? He's there, but we have to reach out to Him and call upon His name. It's hard to understand, but God is not responsible for our problems. He only wants to help us. We need to learn patience in waiting for His answers....and even greater to "LISTEN" when He does reach out and talk to us thro' His word or another peson or event.
I'm afraid I'm not very patient these days. I used to have a lot of patience, but lately I find so many things seem to push me to the edge and feeling so overwhelmed.
I thought as I got older & got thro' those difficult teenage years that things would get better. Did they? They changed, but I once again found I faced some things that took every bit of my strength to endure & get thro'. With God's help I did get thro'. Life got better for a time. But the mountains & valleys were constantly changing and life took a lot of ups & downs for me. For another time things were so difficult & so hard to get thro'. I couldn't have done it had it not been for my faith and a God who loves me and helped me thro' it all and provided some good friends to help.
Our lives are affected by the choices we choose to make when we are growing up, and during those different seasons in our lives. Those choices often affect others and ripple out just like the ripple effects in a wave. It would be nice to know the outcome of things when we make a choice in our lives, but we don't. We can look ahead and think about the effects of our actions, but ultimately we should be seeking God's guidance in all we do and thro' all of the choices we make. If we don't choose wisely, then adversities & trials can often come our way and make life so difficult and almost unbearable. When we choose wisely and make God #1 in our lives, then we will discover His loving presense in our lives.
Today I am living with the results of some of my past choices.
Some of those things are good & some are bad, but whatever happens I know God is with me.
Despite the difficulties of raising children, they are a joy beyond all joys. They are a wonderful & beautiful miracle in my life and I am so blessed that God gave me such precious gifts to take care of. I love them with all my heart, and I've known the heartbreak they can be, but that bond of love between a parent & a child is so special. Perhaps one day I'll share how much of a miracle my daughters truly are.
Once you become a parent I think it's a wonderful & amazing lesson in helping us to make us realine that the love we have for our children is nothing compared to the love our FATHER in Heaven loves us. He loved us so much that He gave us His son, and He died for our sins. He suffered beyond measure from people who were cruel & horrible to Him. They beat Him, tortured him, despised Him, made fun of him, and hurt Him in ways that we could never fathom. Even knowing all of these things would happen to Him, He was still there willing to die for our sins. So why can't we accept that love? Why, when He comes knocking at our door not turn to Him and invite Him into our lives? He's knocking and wants an invitation in. Are you going to let Him in?


The Reverend said...

Hmmm..youve been really busy huh,
Goodstuff :)

dawn2454 said...

Hi reverend,
Thanks....ya I have my days!lol

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I imagine that when we are refered to as 'God's children', that we most likely represent teenagers, in God's eyes.

We whine a lot about things not being fair, we often challenge the rules set out for us, we have a hard time understanding why we can't have the things we want. We make a lot of mistakes, and we too often distance ourselves from God, trying to 'find ourselves'.

Even though our Father urges us to talk to him and come to him with all of our concerns we still turn away and want to work things through ourselves.

And still, he loves us, unconditionally, as most parents still love their teens. Though he has incredible patience and understanding that I think most parents run short on.

I know how you feel, those times that we wonder, "Why?" why pain, trials, loss. But then I am reminded of the sacrifices he has made for us, and think what right do we have to challenge him. Has any man or woman suffered what he has suffered, what he choose to suffer for us? No.